Model Registration


How does LookMe Model Management Benefit?

We take a 30% commission on most jobs. We charge a nominal registration fee and manage models on a “non-exclusive basis”.

What happens once I am registered with the agency?

We will put you forward for assignments we believe you are suitable for. When a client requests to meet you for a casting, or booking, we will contact you immediately. In order to determine model suitability, we conduct a free video consultation with a view to acting as your representative, management entity. Subsequent to your successful application, we will require photographic identification and measurement information.

Once I’m registered with the agency, am I guaranteed work?

No agency guarantees work, as the industry is unpredictable and client taste varies. However, all modelling opportunities are presented to the model in advance and we maintain an open dialogue at all times, that includes advice, recommendations, introductions and market exposure.