All your monthly makeup products in one box… The most stylish way to look good. Maximum convenience at great value, delivered to your door.

What is LookBox?

We know how overwhelming it can be makeup shopping so we created LookBox to make your life easier! There are a ton of different products, from a ton of different brands in a ton of different shades. How are you supposed to know how a ‘satin finish foundation’ differs to a ‘dewy finish foundation’? Or if a 7.5 shade in Armani is the same as a 3WP shade in Dior? Not to mention having to walk from shop to shop with sales assistants all shouting for your attention promising the best products.

LookBox is a completely personalised, tailored service that takes away all of this.

How Do I Sign Up?

Step 1 – An in-depth phone consultation to find out your usage type, skin type, coverage and finish preference, colour and brand preferences.

Step 2 – LookBox delivered to your door in a matter of days.

Step 3 – Decide if your LookBox will be a one off purchase or a monthly subscription, this can be adjusted at any time with no fees.

Step 4 – Communication is ongoing to ensure you are getting the most out of your LookBox every month. We will continuously provide you with new and exciting products as they hit the market.